Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Return to power

I can't believe it has been so long since I wrote for the blog. So many things have gotten in the way. I did enjoy an incredible 10 day vacation with my family in Colorado. But about 2 weeks before leaving, my computer crashed. I finally got it to come on, but was not able to connect to the internet. And with the anticipation and extra work at the shop to get ready for vacation, I simply did without a computer for a few days. This is much harder than it seems. I have always said that I am not tied to my electronic devices, but during the last three weeks, I have spent lots of time wondering what I am missing by not being connected!
So luckily, I now have the use of my husband's laptop and can continue to keep everyone updated on the wedding business. And I have lots of new information to share.
About one month ago, I attended a conference with Steve Lang, the owner of Mon Cheri, a large bridal company. He oversees the making of several thousand gowns each year for weddings, proms and special occasions. This is not a company that I have done business with in the past but welcomed the opportunity to learn more about his business and take advantage of his willingness to share ideas to make my business better. He provided some great insight into how gowns are produced in China, steps taken to ensure good quality and how the Chinese economy is changing and how that will affect the United States.
I really enjoyed getting to know the designers of the Mon Cheri gowns and admire the hard work that they have put into this operation. I am giving serious consideration to which lines I will be able to have in my store in the next year but until then, if you want any of the lines from Mon Cheri, there are several other retailers that will help with your selection. I know this may seem unusual to send business to another store, but I am so thankful for the learning opportunity from Steve, I feel that one way to repay his caring and kindness is to continue sending him customers.
I also believe that if retailers would work together instead of trying to undercut each other, the customer would have a much better experience. Which in turn would create more business for the retailer by good word of mouth advertising.
So until next time, remember to always do business with someone you like and trust!! I have made it a policy to never give my money to someone who is not nice to me. This can be for anything from groceries to wedding gowns!! And I also have found that paying a little extra for the friendly, exceptional service is worth it in the long run.
This has always been the best compliment that anyone can give me as a retail store owner, not that I have the best prices but the best and kindest service. Anyone can be the cheapest dealer on the block, but only a few can truly be the best in service.