Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Keys to a Quick Wedding

As everything in our world becomes faster and faster, we expect quick drive through service, overnight shipping and super internet speed!  So many consumers expect the same for weddings.  Unfortunately, wedding gowns require skill and patience to produce.  Each piece of fabric and embellishment is inspected for superior quality.  Therefore, gowns can take 3 to 4 months to arrive into bridal stores. 
But if you are the person who makes a decision to wed and wants to do it right away, we can help!

Here are the keys to organizing a great wedding in a very short amount of time.
1.  Be Flexible. 
     Since you will probably not have time to order custom gowns and decorations, don't be too demanding 
     on styles and colors.  Of course, you can have some basic selections like a blue color or a strapless
     gown. But if you are very specific about many of the details, you are setting yourself up for a big

2.  Be prepared to purchase a gown off the rack or from a very select number of designers.
     Rushville Bridal has over 150 wedding gowns in the store in sizes 0 to 30.  We take pride in our  
     selection of gowns in all sizes.  There will be a good chance that we have at least 4-5 gowns in the size 
     you need. But if the gowns that we have in stock are not to your liking, we also carry Davinci wedding 
     gowns.  This designer stocks thousands of gowns in sizes 0 to 30W in white and ivory.  If you are set on 
     an unusual color for your gown, reread #1. Davinci may have 1-2 gowns in off colors but not a big 
     selection.  Once an order is place, Davinci will ship the gown within 48 hours and we will have it at the 
     store in about one week.
     If you have your heart set on a gown from a different designer, we are always willing to make some 
     phone calls to check for stock with the designer or other bridal store.  Occasionally, we can make your
     dream come true.  But often times, the bride needs to look for a 2nd choice.
     Finding multiple matching bridesmaid gowns is even more difficult with a close wear date.  Again, we
     have a limited number of styles in a few colors that are available within one week.  The next closest
     shipping is approximately 5 weeks. These gowns are available in many colors if time will allow for
Davinci Quick Service Bridesmaid Gown

3.  Don't waste time shopping lots of different stores.
     Time is of the essence!!  If you are looking for a particular style, make some phone calls.  But traveling
     from store to store will just delay ordering.  We have had brides looking for a better price or style just to
     return days or weeks later to place an order and have to pay an additional rush fee.  So the bride
     receives everything later and pays more in fees and shipping.

4.  Get the guys moving too!
     We recommend tuxedo orders to be placed at least 6 weeks before the wedding.  If you don't have 6
     weeks, do it ASAP.  And again refer to #1.  If order time is short, your favorite color or style may
     already be booked.  Always select a second choice, just in case. If the wear date is less that 10 days
     from the order date, expect to pay additional rush fees.

5.  Ask questions and give truthful answers.
     If your wear date is less that 6 months from your visit to the store, tell your consultant immediately.  This
     way you don't fall in love with a gown we cannot get for you.  Once the consultant knows your situation
     and your ideas for your dream wedding, she can find exactly what is available in the time you have
     before the wedding day.
Davinci Quick Service Gown

Davinci Quick Service Gown

Davinci Quick Service Gown
     All the the Davinci gowns pictured are also in stock at Rushville Bridal.