Saturday, August 9, 2014

Biggest Wedding Dress Regrets

I saw a link to an article on The Knot with this title.  Although I have see or heard these comment hundreds of times, some brides just don't want to believe them.  So to emphasize the point here are the quotes from real brides one more time!

From the three-dress bride to the bride who accidentally texted the dress photo to her fiance -- check out these dress shopping mistakes from brides on our Attire and Accessories board so that you don’t make the same ones!
"My sister-in-law couldn't make it to my first shopping trip, so I texted her a pic of my favorite. I didn't realize that I’d sent it to the wrong person (MY FIANCE!). It's hard to be sneaky."katiethecutie
"Biggest mistake: expecting my dress shopping experience to go exactly like a 22-minute episode of Say Yes to the Dress complete with crying friends and family and that OMGOMGOMG feeling." Leslie&Ralph
"To save money I ordered my dress online, which gave me a better price than the bridal store in town. Big mistake! The dress came in and it's huge. Now I have to pay a ridiculous price for alterations that are making the gown cost more than it would have in the bridal store." jnic0319
"I have champagne taste on a beer budget. I tried on a Vera Wang for fun and I shouldn’t have. You can imagine that I fell in love with that beauty. Don’t try on wedding dresses that you cannot afford." verbride
"I now have three dresses and only one that I’ll wear. Do not shop almost two years out, do not let fantasy get in the way of reality, and do not buy a dress before you have concrete wedding plans." dizzinea
"I should’ve brought a bathrobe to the bridal salon. Having a robe makes it easy to spend time with your friends and family during the downtime while the attendant brings in gowns. It also helps you avoid hiding in the dressing room in your underwear." Robyn5298
"Don’t try on dresses after a trip to a spray tanner. What I thought would make me look like a glowing bride later rubbed off on the bridal salon’s sample dresses." mobridetobe
"Don't wear a black thong!" barbbhoww
"I wish I'd waited until 10 to 14 months out to try on dresses for the first time. I ended up trying on over 100 gowns and it was completely overwhelming." polichik

Remember that a full service bridal store can help you avoid any of these problems.  A great bridal store is only as good as the advice they give.  Sometimes knowing you are helping someone is better than making the sale!!