Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brides Magazine

I just received the new Brides magazine in the mail. I always like to look at the gowns to see if the trends are changing and what seems to be popular. But for the past couple of years, I have been very disappointed with the choices from Brides. All the gowns that are featured in their stories are VERY expensive, usually over $5000!! I know that I do not see too many brides looking for gowns in that price range in middle America. If you are, know that I can get you one but the majority of my customers are in the under $1000 group. So I was excited to see a page titled "Gowns for Less". They selected 3 gowns for under $1000 which sounds good until you see the styles. One is a very plain informal with no beading and no train. Beautiful gown just pricey for the style. I would suggest the P.C. Mary's informal #2210 for 30% less. It has the same one shoulder style, flowing chiffon fabric and a small floral applique on the bodice. Unfortunately, Mary's will not allow anyone to copy images from their website, so I cannot include a picture. But this is a gown that I have in stock in the store for anyone wanting to see it. I also found a gown from Forever Yours , style #310201 that is 36% less than the one in the magazine. I do not have this gown in stock but can special order the gown in sizes 1-30.

The second gown is a short strapless gown with an overall lace. Once again Forever Yours has a similar gown for about 15% less. The style is #411105. Davinci Bridal also offers a short gown with floral design. There is much less lace which makes the price over 40% less. Both of these are great gowns if you are looking for a short gown.

OK, the third gown was a hard find. I don't really have any designers with floral printed wedding gowns. But if designers think this is going to be a big trend, they will all have one by next season!! After all this is how David's bridal got started in the wedding gown business. I really hate sending customers to David's since I know they produce poor quality gowns but the closest I can come to the floral print is with some floral prom gowns.

I would also like to suggest some other wedding gowns under $1000. These are not informal gowns but wedding gowns with beading, lace, appliques and a full train made of luxurious fabrics like bridal satin, taffeta and organza. First is Forever Yours Bridal. In their entire collection, they have one gown that is over $1000. So you can select from any of the other designs for less than $1000. Overall, this is my favorite company for fabric, fit, shipping and style.

I can also suggest all of the gowns in the Davinci Bridal line. This company offers fewer styles but great construction. The inner panel really makes a good fit for all sizes. They also have the immediate shipping option for quick wear dates.

The third option is P.C. Mary's Bridal. They have about 10 gowns in their line over $1000 in the Karelina Sposa Exclusive designs. All their other gowns are under $1000. Most of the gowns are in the $500 to $700 range. They use wonderful fabric and beautiful beading and appliques. Mary's has also been really good with having stock at their warehouse to ship immediately for quick weddings.

So go ahead and indulge yourself with looking at the beautiful gowns shown in Brides Magazine. But remember that the gown of your dreams is still attainable for much less that those shown. Also don't think that your only option is ordering online from a cheap knock-off site. Give your full service, local bridal salon a try. You will be amazed at what they are able to do for you!!