Friday, November 22, 2013

First let me state that overall, I am a wedding conservative.  I would never do some of these things for a wedding but before or after the ceremony--free game.  Have a blast with whatever your style is for your perfect day!

23 Unconventional But Awesome Wedding Ideas

You gotta keep those unsuspecting guests on their toes. Steal these ideas before they become standard wedding fare. posted on

1. A guest box instead of a guest book, where guests can record a message on video.

A guest box instead of a guest book, where guests can record a message on video.
The technology is now. And besides, according to the experts, handwriting will be phased out within 20 years anyway.

2. A ring bearer who’s also a high-security agent.

A ring bearer who's also a high-security agent.

3. An adorned reception bathroom.

An adorned reception bathroom.
The bathroom: underrated and overlooked. Meanwhile, your attention to detail will NOT go underrated and overlooked.

4. Overalls in lieu of a wedding dress.

Overalls in lieu of a wedding dress.

5. DIY watercooler bar.

DIY watercooler bar.
Save $$$ on the lack of bartender.

6. Jenga guestbook.

Jenga guestbook.
Instead of a guestbook, have your guests write on Jenga pieces. Every time you play Jenga, you’ll be reminded of all the well wishes.

7. Your guests as videographer.

Your guests as videographer.
Instead of hiring a videographer, have your guests pass around flip cams and get it edited into a final video by Wedit.

8. Mimosa bar for a morning or brunch reception.

Mimosa bar for a morning or brunch reception.
Pure delight.

9. Pamphlets making fun of your own wedding.

Pamphlets making fun of your own wedding.
Derek and Alexa are probably two pretty cool people.

10. A special coloring book just for the kids.

A special coloring book just for the kids.
Get the printable and the directions here.

11. Tubing as a pre-wedding event.

Tubing as a pre-wedding event.

12. “Awkward family photo” wedding photo.

"Awkward family photo" wedding photo.

13. An apple orchard wedding.

They usually let you pick as many apples as you need as part of the decor.

14. Polaroid photo booth.

Polaroid photo booth.

15. Ring bearer’s box instead of a pillow.

Ring bearer's box instead of a pillow.

16. A Polaroid guestbook.

A Polaroid guestbook.
Instead of a traditional guestbook, make it a photo album. Guests can take photos of themselves and scrawl their messages onto the Polaroids.

17. DIY confetti bar.

DIY confetti bar.
A confetti bar presents a very strong rival to the actual bar.

18. Audience cue cards during the ceremony.

Audience cue cards during the ceremony.

19. An ice cream truck.

An ice cream truck.

20. A cake buffet.

A cake buffet.

21. A gold sequined arrow that shows guests where to go.

A gold sequined arrow that shows guests where to go.

22. For an outdoor wedding, instead of having tables, set up picnic blankets.

For an outdoor wedding, instead of having tables, set up picnic blankets.

23. For dessert, make a 10-foot-long banana split.

For dessert, make a 10-foot-long banana split.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Less Than Formal Wedding

Trends for weddings are always varied.  The bride and groom should make the day whatever they envision.  If the dream wedding is formal attire for everyone, so be it.  But I know plenty of couples who are opting for the less than formal wedding. 

So I have found some great gowns that fit this style of wedding.  These gowns are usually considered Informal gowns from bridal designers.  They are made from the same luxurious fabrics as other wedding gowns.  The difference is in the amount of fabric in the skirt or train and sometimes the amount of bling on the gown.  This allows for the bride to "feel" like a bride but be a little less formal.

My favorite designer for these gowns is P.C. Mary's.  Here are a few gowns we have in the store from their Informal line.

Mary's Informal starting at $349
Mary's Informal starting at $269
The gown on the left is a chiffon gown with a lace up back.  Straps and sleeves seem to be more popular for the 2014 wedding season. 

The gown on the right is a taffeta fit and flare with a lace up back.  Both gowns are available in sizes 2-30.

Mary's Informal starting at $249
Mary's Informal starting at $289

The gown on the left is another chiffon gown with a ruched bodice and zipper back.

The gown on the right is a silky charmeuse dropped waist with a zipper back.  Both gowns are available in sizes 2-30.

Mary's Informal starting at $369
Mary's Informal starting at $559

For the brides wanting more bling, these two gowns will be your favorites.  The gown on the left is a silky satin with a tulle overlay on the skirt. The gown on the right is an extra full ball gown.  The bodice is heavily beaded.  It is available in white or champagne as shown. Both gowns are available in sizes 2-30.  Gowns from Mary's will average 10-12 weeks for delivery.  They also carry a large supply in stock for quicker wear dates.

Next I will start working on a blog to coordinate all the others in your wedding party with your informal gown and theme.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Brides Magazine

I know that print magazines are a fading art but I still love to read the new one and look at all the pictures.  So I was excited to see the December/January issue in the mailbox today.
The first thing I look at is the gown on the front cover.  This month it was a plain, ruched, fitted gown which looked to be bridal satin.  Nothing spectacular, I am thinking.  The same style that has been popular for the past 3-4 years. Then when flipping through the first few pages, I see the description of the cover gown.  It is a Dupioni satin fit-and-flare gown with ruched bodice and horsehair-ruffle chapel train for $1980. So I go in search of a better picture than the one on the front of the magazine.  Clearly, the bottom of the gown with the horsehair ruffles is the best part of the gown which is cut off in the picture.  Finally, on the Blush website I find what I am looking for.
Gown by Blush

Then after drooling over the cover gown, it becomes my mission to find a similar gown that I can offer to brides.  I have 2 gowns in the store with the same bodice but without the ruffled skirt.  The first gown is a taffeta gown by DaVinci.  This gown is available on their quick ship program and will be delivered in 2 weeks or less from the order date.  My stock gown is a size 4 in white but it may be ordered in sizes 2-30 in white or ivory. The gown comes with a matching white or ivory belt.

Davinci Fit and Flare under $500

Next, I have a beautiful satin gown from Symphony. It features the same sweetheart neckline and ruched bodice as the gown on the magazine. There is a flower attached at the hip which is easily removed.  This rich satin gown is available in white or ivory.  My sample gown is an ivory size 14.

Symphony Fit and Flare under $700

 While looking for similar gown, I realize that I no longer have many gowns with ruffled skirts in stock.  I have an informal gown from Mary's in organza.  This gown was recently on the discontinued list, but can be ordered through the spring season.  Since it is an informal gown, there is no train.  The one shoulder strap features chunky beading near the sweetheart neckline. My stock piece is a size 6 in canary yellow.  Orders may be placed for sizes 2-30 in white, ivory or canary.

 Mary's Informal under $400

So I will add a ruffled skirt to my orders for the spring season.  I don't know which company it will come from but as soon as one arrives, I will post the picture.

I will also leave you with one final gown that is very similar.  I had this gown in the store last spring but sold it to a bride who looked very stunning in it.  Although I no longer have this sample, I can still special order the gown.  It is available in white and ivory in sizes 2-28. This is not a very good picture.  To see a better one, go to and search for style J6190.

Moonlight Gown under $800

Saturday, November 2, 2013

2014 Prom

I don't recall ever doing a blog post for prom.  But it is one of my favorite things in the shop.  I love the excitement the young ladies have during this special time.  I also love being able to find the exact gown they are looking for in the price range they like. 
So as I am trying to put the finishing touches on my spring orders, I need some help.  I need to know what style of gowns girls are looking for so I can have the best selection.  In the comments, please vote for the style of gown you or someone you know is looking for. 
Please remember that these are not the only gowns available just one of each type.  For example there is one ballgown but I can order hundreds in different styles and colors.  There is also one hi-lo gown but many are available. 
Ball gown
Flowing Chiffon

Short Gown
Hi Lo Gown

Fit and Flare
All Over Sequins

Sheer Skirt

I know I have probably forgotten something in my fight with the computer to get all of these pictures posted!!  So vote for your favorite in the comments or add one of your own!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

#31 DBC

Today is the last day for the blogging challenge for October.  I should have counted exactly how many blogs I posted but didn't think of that until I started typing.  I know I didn't hit all 31 days and I still have one blog from earlier in the week that I am searching for the perfect picture to finish it up.  Overall, I feel satisfied with the effort I gave to the project.

On the other hand, I think about all the things that didn't get done in the month of October.  I usually try to change the gowns in the front window each week.  This month I think they were only changed twice.

I try to post through Hootsuite with a picture of a new gown or something exciting happening in the bridal world.  Last week, I realized that I hadn't logged into Hootsuite for almost 2 weeks.

So even though my blog presence has increased, my other forms of keeping the public informed have suffered. So in the next month, I will continue to blog but maybe just one or two times each week.  Then make sure I have time to do all the other social media and change the mannequins in the window. 

Now for some wedding information, I am putting the final touches on my orders for spring.  I am very excited to start receiving new gowns!  If you want to see pictures of my new gowns, like my Facebook page, Rushville Bridal at I also have pages on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ if you prefer those.

And today, I am trying something different, no pictures.  We will see if the number of page views is bigger or smaller without the pictures.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wedding party roles and responsibilities

Mary's Bridal

While continuing to work on a more elaborate blog that I started yesterday, here is a great read from Bridal Guide magazine.Go to

Not only are there suggestions for each member of the wedding party, there are budget guidelines for all aspects of the wedding day. And although this article is not recent, the information still applies.

Then continue on to the comments.  There are several more good questions about specific items that are not covered in the original article.

Of course, if you have a question that was not answered, feel free to give me a call. 866-920-3094.

And just to make the blog pretty, here are some more lovely wedding gowns.

Mary's Bridal

Mary's Bridal

Mary's Bridal

Monday, October 28, 2013

Internet Issues

Sophia Tolli Gown

I was working so hard on a new blog today with some great information when---CRASH! My internet is disabled with very little of what I had prepared saved.  But I am trying to complete as many blogs as possible in this 30 day challenge. So with only a few days remaining, here is a quick attempt to give you some information on the upcoming spring season.

Sleeves and coverings are coming back.  See which of the following is your favorite.

Mary's Bridal

Mary's Bridal

Wedding Dress - Bridal Gowns by Impression
Impression Bridal

Allure Bridal Gown

Maggie Sottero - Keira
Maggie Sottero

Maggie Sottero - Tasha Marie
Maggie Sottero

Sophia Tolli Gown