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Universally Flattering Bridesmaid Dress Colors

Below is an article from concerning Bridesmaid colors.  As with any article, I agree with some aspects but not all. See my recommendations under each color choice.
If you think saying yes to your wedding dress is difficult, try putting yourself in your bridesmaids' shoes. The style, length, and color of the average bridesmaids dress are typically non-negotiable, and bridesmaids must foot the bill for the dress themselves. However, by selecting a universally flattering dress shade for your bridesmaids, you may avoid tears and drama altogether. Here are seven expert-approved, becoming bridesmaid dress shades to please even the most difficult 'maid.
1. Mint
Though not a typical choice, mint is the color du jour in bridesmaid dresses and complements most skin tones, according to Lovely Bride's Cassandra Quinn. "Mint is really having a moment right now and is so flattering on so many complexions," explains Quinn. "We love this fresh color in a range of shades from light and subtle to its deep rich, almost jade, hue."

The problem with mint is the same as many other colors. What exactly is mint?  With several different designers making bridesmaid gowns, colors can be very different from one designer to the next.  So, I agree with the pale green working for most complexions, make sure you like the choice from your dress designer.

2. White
If you don't mind sharing your signature color with your bridesmaids, try selecting ivory or white wares for your bridesmaids. Quinn notes that the neutral shade is compatible with most skin tones.
Sorry, this one I completely disagree!!  Most brides don't select white anymore because it is so NOT compatible with most skin tones. Why would you want a whole wedding party of washed out ladies? Really give this some thought before going through with this color.
3. Navy
Forget any preconceived notions about navy as a preppy, nautical shade. Kathlin Argiro, founder and creative mind behind Kathlin Argiro New York, favors navy for bridesmaid frocks. "It is always chic and timeless to go for classics like navy which work on all skin tones and have the bonus of being the most wearable for other occasions," she clarifies.
Navy is truly great for most skin tones and compliments many other accent colors.  Usually can't go wrong with this choice.
4. Coral
If you venture into vibrant shades, David's Bridal Design Director Patricia Keenan suggests selecting a single color that your salon offers in a range of shades. One of Keenan's preferred colors is a classic coral that comes in a range of shades.
Coral is another color that really varies with designers.  Some will be closer to peach while others go much darker like salmon.  So, once again consult swatches for each designer.  This can also be a difficult color if you have a bridesmaid with red hair. 
5. Black
Though black is historically a shade associated with solemnity and mourning, the inky color is trending this year for bridal gowns and bridesmaid attire alike. Keenan states that if other color options seem trite or staid, "Of course there is always the epitome of elegance: black.
Black works for so many reasons. It is great for most skin colors, is ultra elegant, classic, and can usually be worn after the wedding. The only negative is the funeral idea.
6. Burgundy
When it comes to winter weddings, Agiro relies on rich, vivid hues like burgundy, whose depths enhance most skin tones. "Generally speaking, more saturated colors work best on a variety of skin tones," she elaborates.
Burgundy, red, claret and any other shade of red are usually one of the best sellers for any bridal store.  The vibrant colors look great on the bridesmaids as well as in decorations.  Again, consider anyone with red hair before deciding on a final color choice.
7. Emerald Green
Fashion-forward brides may wish to channel 2014's fairytale trend by selecting emerald green for bridesmaid dresses. Agiro cites the shade as another of her favorites, saying, "To keep the palette sophisticated I would opt for deeper shades of jewel tones."
Emerald green, like the red, is very bold.  It looks wonderful in pictures and brightens the atmosphere. And most redheads love green!

As always, everyone is different. Pleasing more than one bridesmaid can be a real challenge. And although it is the bride's day, she will want everyone to look beautiful for her special day.  So my best advice is to get to a store and try on some different colors. Pictures on Pinterest may be a great place to start, but what the bride has in mind may not work for those she is having in the wedding.
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